5 monster MLB series you’ll want to see live in July

Do you need an excuse to visit an MLB ballpark in July? You could go out if you watch these five massive series on the schedule following the All-Star Break.

Who cares about the cost of a stadium hot dog, the summer traffic, or the scorching temperatures? It’s worth going to witness these major MLB series live.

Could this be the best start to the regular season following the All-Star Break? Two games are played between the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees. Due to the MLB lockout, these two were postponed from early April. This matchup’s scheduling committee should be promoted. Send them to this doubleheader at the very least.

The two teams considered to be favorites in the American League are the Yankees and Astros. It’s a safe assumption to expect these two will face off in the ALCS despite how great some other clubs have been during the year and how hot some have been lately. It has previously occurred. It will take a lot of bad luck for one of them to prevent it from happening again.

Even if the Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox game before the All-Star Game will be fantastic, you really must watch this double-dip following it. The Yankees and Astros seldom face up against one another. Houston’s playoff-like atmosphere will put both teams’ resiliency to the test.

Will Houston be able to hold off New York on enemy territory?

No other matchup would be better to start the second half. We get to see it twice as well!

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