Emily Ratajkowski Goes for a Walk in Tiny Bike Shorts and Cowboy Boots

Earlier this year, EmRata spoke to POPSUGAR about how her style has changed since she became a mother.

The model was seen walking around New York City Saturday in an oversized plain brown T-shirt, which she rolled up at the sleeves, along with teeny white bike shorts and black heeled cowboy boots with white designs by Sonora. She carried a ruby red shoulder bag and wore large black sunglasses as she pushed baby Sly on his stroller.

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The My Body author kept her long straight her down and seemed to wear no makeup.

She added that she used to have more time to prepare her looks before stepping out of the house, but she’s learned to work with the time she has now.

Ratajkowski wore another pair of black cowboy boots just last weekend, when she enjoyed a nature-filled getaway to a farm with her son and a girlfriend. On her Instagram Story, she shared a shot of her embracing the cowboy aesthetic—posing in a car in a lavender halter top, loose high-waisted jeans, and the knee-high boots.

She’s also a big fan of athleisure, and last weekend spent a low-key date with her son in a relaxed pair of wide-leg yoga pants and a white crop top.

Emily Ratajkowski managed to pair together three street style trends while out with son Sylvester Apollo over the weekend: the oversized tee, the Princess Diana bike short, and the cowgirl aesthetic.

“Well, I now love getting him dressed so much,” Ratajkowski said of Sly. “And a lot of the time, depending on naps and whatever, I’ll not have that much time to get myself dressed, which is okay. It just often means that I’m kind of throwing together looks.”

“Definitely sneakers, for sure, and I’ll do a pair of leggings,” she said, adding that she’s especially fond of flared leggings. “They make me feel a little bit cooler, like very minimally cooler.”

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