In a green bikini, 36-year-old pizza maker Daphne Oz exclaims

In an April interview with Yahoo, Oz shared that she is a big believer in balance.

The Good Dish host, 36, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a video of herself making pizza while wearing a green bikini. She captioned the post, “New fave pizza combination, is it: A) making chewy, puffy, gorgeous dough at home in a bikini B) white pizza with caramelized onions & all the spicy peppers C) eating cheese & crust separately like Gigi D) all of the above.”

Oz’s fans loved the post. One joked, “I have a question: Do you have to wear your swimsuit to make the dough? I don’t want to mess it up!” Another added, “Just when I thought I couldn’t love you more. You are a bikini wearing pizza baking goddess. Bravo to you!”


A third shared praise for Oz, who is an ambassador for WW, “I love it, especially the fact that you look like a real woman! From one mother to another I salute you for giving us the ‘normal’ way of being.”

This isn’t Oz’s first bathing suit post of the summer. In July, she shared a video of herself jumping off a dock while wearing a bikini. She captioned her post, in part, “Summer’s carefree magic is as much about living in a bikini as it is ice cream with the kids on a hot afternoon, cookouts with friends, and thinking of a million ways to use tomatoes and zucchini!”

In the video, Oz — who is the eldest child of Mehmet and Lisa Oz — declared, “It’s a summertime pizza party and we’re making this dough from scratch. Get your hands into that warm blend of yeast and flour and roll it around. This is joy, this is freedom, adventure and therapy.”

“People like me who love to eat and love delicious things, still need a reset now and then,” she explained. “After babies or stress or a lot of celebration, I look for a way to get back to healthy habits and break dependencies on sugar and gluten, which I find are the easiest things I fall into a trap of snacking mindlessly on.”

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