Richard Blais is creating a new drink with the Mount Gay Summer Taste Essential Kit

The Mount Gay Summer Taste Essentials Kit removes the rum from the hurricane glass and pours a chic taste into a crystal coup, although rum could conjure images of vibrant beach vacations and drinks with little umbrellas. Cocktail lovers will be toasting to maturing drinking in the most delectable way after a few swallows of the classy, aged rum.

Mount Gay Rum, one of the original rums, is proud of its Barbados roots. Every bottle embodies the craft, from valuing the link to the sea to its rich flavor.

Although Mount Gay has a wide range of products, the aged rums are what give the brand its distinctive flavor. Many whiskey aficionados are interested by the Caribbean-based spirit due to the varied flavor produced using Bourbon, Cognac, and other barrels.

This summer, Mount Gay Rum created a Summer Taste Essentials Kit in collaboration with renowned chef Richard Blais. The option, which is offered through Cocktail Courier, enables consumers to experiment with various flavors. Time to get the cocktail shaker ready for a brand-new way to enjoy a rum drink.

The Mount Gay Black Barrel is a component of the Mount Gay Summer Taste Essentials Kit. Trudiann Branker, the Mount Gay Master Blender, called it “robust and assertive.” The rich and full-bodied notes of Black Barrel are stunning on their own and fantastic in artisan cocktails.

The Cocktail Courier kit contains ingredients that may be used to make an Old Fashioned riff. A number of spices are employed in the Black Barrel Good Old Pine to give the pineapple-infused beverage a new taste dimension.

Although the at-home mixologist doesn’t need to think too far into the beaker for an unique beverage experience, Chef Blais might be able to produce that smoke bubble or induce a molecular reaction during his cocktail hour. Despite the fact that all the components are there, tweaking a few spices may really bring out the flavors of the aged rum. Each pour may be a taste exploration, from bringing out the toasted vanilla to focusing on the orange zest.

Plus, the food pairings with this cocktail and rum take your taste buds on a flavor adventure. The bottle will be empty before all the options are considered, from a platter of sticky ribs to a straightforward grilled fish.

Isn’t it time you got yourself a drink, some ice, and a little adventure? Through July 15th, Cocktail Courier will be providing a special deal.

The Mount Gay Summer Taste Essentials Kit will heat up your summer. You will want to return for another wave of island-inspired pleasure since it is a delectable vacation.

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